Discipline of
Architecture, Planning & Housing

Requirements For Admission

  • Architectural Studies Degree
  • Bachelor of Community Development and B Soc Sc Housing

We welcome your application for admission to Architecture.  Please note the requirements listed below for eligibility in terms of your academic record and portfolio of work.  Both your academic record and the full portfolio need to be submitted in order for your application to be reviewed.

Academic record:

Please note that the following are the minimum academic points that is necessary in order to be eligible to apply for a place in the Architecture programme:

  1. A total of 30 points  – excluding Life Orientation
  2. Level 5 Mathematics – not Maths Literacy
  3. June results in grade 12 and as well as final Grade 11 results can be submitted.  To note that if your application is conditionally approved it will only be confirmed upon receipt of final grade 12 results.

Portfolio requirements:

The portfolio requirements include a drawing and a written component.  Drawings to be done ONLY on A4 paper in pen or pencil – neatly held together in a folder or stapled together and placed in an envelope. 

Please click here to download the pdf for more information on the written component and comprehensive information on the portfolio requirement.

Important Requirements:

  1. Your CAO reference number or UKZN student number must be on all your documents – including your portfolio.
  2. Portfolios needs to include original hand drawn sketches –  no computer drawings will be accepted.
  3. All portfolios must be submitted by the 31st of October. Late applicants will be placed on a waiting list.
  4. The completed Portfolio and Questionnaire should be forwarded to Mrs Winfred.

Miss. Ranjinie Naicker

UG-Research & Higher Degrees Officer

031 -260-2693
858, 8th Floor, Shepstone Building

1. National Senior Certificate or Senior Certificate
1.1 Applicants to undergraduate degree programmes must be in possession of a National Senior Certificate for Degree Studies (NSC-Deg) or a Senior Certificate with endorsement.
1.2 Applicants to undergraduate diploma programmes must be in possession of a National Senior Certificate for Diploma studies (NSC-Dip) or Senior Certificate.

2.Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction at UKZN is English,  and UKZN requires a pass in English (Home Language or First Additional Language (FAL)) at Level 4 (50% or above) but note that the College of Law requires a pass in English Home language at Level 5 or English as FAL on Level 6.  For admission to Diplomas or Alternative Access programmes a lower performance in English may be acceptable. In the Senior Certificate a pass for English at First or Second Language HG E is required.

3.Life Orientation
UKZN degree programmes require a pass in Life orientation at Level 4.  Access Programmes may consider a pass at Level 3.

4.Minimum Composite Academic Performance Score(NSC-Deg and Senior Certificate)
Each programme has determined a minimum composite Academic Performance Score required for admission to the programme. This is however the minimum score required for consideration and learners just meeting this minimum cannot be assured of admission.  Applicants to programmes are ranked according to APS and selection is done from the top down until the number of places available in the specific programme is filled. Competition for places is high and it is unlikely that applicants not meeting the APS for a specific programme will be considered.

5.Subject requirements and Levels of Performance
In addition subject requirements and minimum Levels of performance in specific subjects are set for admission to UKZN programmes.  Applicants who did not include the correct subjects in their NSC-Deg or who did not obtain the required level of performance in specific subjects required for admission to a programme,  will not be considered.

ProgrammeProgramme CodeEntry RequirementsPointsDuration
B Soc Sc HousingKN-H-SORNSC-Deg with Engl & LO 4 & one of: Bus Stud, Cons Stud, Dram Arts, Econ, Geog, Hist, Info Tech, Life Sci, Maths Lit, Music, Religion Stud, Vis Arts, any lang HL/FAL 548-283 Years
B Community & Development StudiesKN-H-BDSNSC-Deg with Engl & LO 4 & one of: Bus Stud, Cons Stud, Dram Arts, Econ, Geog, Hist, Info Tech, Life Sci, Maths Lit, Music, Religion Stud, Vis Arts, any lang HL/FAL48-283 Years